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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Naniah C R

First at Khoj
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Education: Bachelor of Fine-Arts [B.F.A]
{specialization : Painting}1995-2000
Chitrakala Parishath
* “Ubiquitous Images” 2002 at Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore
* “With Love” [Site-Specific] 2005 at Bangalore University, Visual Art Dept.,
* “Green is Not Yellow + Blue” [Time & Space Specific] 2005, Bangalore
* “Verbal Passages” 2002 at Easel Art Gallery, Chennai
* “Cityscapes” 2003 [Curated by Suresh Jayaram] at Sumukha Art Gallery, Bangalore
* “Two Promising Whites” 2003 at Sakshi Art Gallery, Bangalore
* “Use / Throw” 2005 at Sara Arrakkal Art Gallery, Bangalore
[1] Death of a Flower 2003 at Khoj Art Workshop, Bangalore
[2] How to Draw a Line Without Dots (Time & Space Specific) At Kashi Art
Residencies Program – “Open Entry”, Dec-2006, Cochin, Kerala.
[3] “The distance between us is time.
Think for me, Sunday is a holiday”
Sandharb Residency, Rajasthan – Dec 2006