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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Paramita Saha


Paramita focusses on connecting the arts to brands by telling engaging and entertaining stories that audiences actually want to hear in this post-advertising age. She is currently the Director of Artsforward Ideas and Events Pvt Ltd. An arts entrepreneur, she finds that creative concepts offer originality and variety in expression, that are lacking in traditional ideation methods. Her relationship to the whole gamut of the creative arts is integral to her thought and strategy. She has had 18 years of contemporary dance training and has performed internationally. Using artists and their rich creative minds to create real, relevant, meaningful and technically sound brand stories is her core strength. An idea and space person, Paramita can create multidisciplinary site-specific artistic performances and connect to audiences through exciting branding and media. She feels that the arts can impact people deeply and therefore can help build moving messages for environmental sustainability for the present generation.