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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Paras Vijan

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Paras Vijan (b.1994) is a photographer based between Montreal and  New Delhi. His practice emerges from his experience of relocating to Canada. His work explores the concept of home and investigates ideas of memory, longing, returning, a reflection on moving back to India after being away for half a decade. India provides an opportunity to re-visit the deja-vu(s), immersing myself in familiar spaces with a renewed sense of self. The residual mental images from observations are laid out in the form of impulsive drawings and serve as a base composition for the image to be constructed later in the studio. The translation from drawings to pictures materialises through collaging images from my personal archive, staged photographs, and downloaded images from the internet. The works that he makes can be understood as photography from memory, with the goal being to develop a transitory practice that would expand on interchangeability between here and there.