Public Arts Trust of India (PATI) intends to build discourse around urban spaces and heritage structures as sites for critical engagement and contemplation through art with the intention to inspire self reflection, thought and a sense of community.

The exhibitions will be accompanied by extensive programming, educational projects and outreach that will encourage interest in new waves of contemporary art making, through the participation of a wide range of emerging practitioners as well as internationally acclaimed artists alongside artisans, designers, curators, scholars, architects and historians. The interest is to create a dynamic programme that introduces art and culture to wider audiences.

The various projects initiated by Public Arts Trust of India (PATI) will encourage collaborations and exchanges between Indian and International creative practitioners as well as traditional artisans, contemporary artists and designers with an emphasis on conversations within the Global South. 

These interdisciplinary events will be a bridge between various stakeholders in the fields of art, design and craft and allow the economies that sustain such work to cross-pollinate.   

All events organized by Public Arts Trust of India (PATI) will provide free access to all visitors foregrounding the notion that culture belongs to everyone and to forge deep links with its local communities, including creative communities.