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REProduce is based in New Delhi, India – directly in the middle of a growing surge of musical talent, venues, and a budding audience base.

Within this unique space lies a certain challenge: how to maintain curatorial control and a distinct vision when surrounded by a nascent industry that is more interested in capitalizing and branding everything and everyone for short term benefits, as opposed to doing something truly innovative, sustainable, and interesting in the long term?

The artists working collectively to make REProduce happen totally get this. None of us are hobbyists – we are all full time artists with no day jobs. This is what we do for a living. But while we need to make this pay, we all are committed to musical and new media performances that leave an impact.

This magic balance is what REProduce is all about.

The goal is to forge spaces and skills to allow for the kind of concerts and events where people will walk away from it thinking they just witnessed something special: we strive to represent the remarkable in terms of music, presentation and cultural indentity.

At REProduce, the diverse roster of artists, bands and DJs work as a team, harnessing their collective skills and energy to venture into the creative sector via events, concerts, new media installations and branding and consultancy services.