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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Romain Loustau

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Romain Loustau is a French artist, born in 1982, who works and lives between Paris and Goa.After art education in drama, he spent few years acting on stage and on camera. Meanwhile, Romain Loustau started collaborating with the French-Parisian based collective Mu, especially as assistant scenography of Vincent Voillat for several editions of the festival “Filmer La Musique”. He has collaborated with rock bands such as “Farewell Poetry”. Now Romain Loustau is dedicated to the development of HH art spaces with artists Madhavi Gore and Nikhil Chopra.

His education, work and life directions are led by the attraction and mystery of the « stage ». From theatre to scenography to more inherently conceptualized performances, Romain Loustau is interested in materializing inner conflicts created by our ambivalent position on this world as a species. Humour is an important part to balance the crudeness of our time.