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Shantam (Delhi)

By his own admission, Shantam Khanna doesn’t do much besides make music and travel.  When asked how he manages to carve out such a charmed existence, his response was a glib “by the skin of my teeth”.  This response was gleaned over a spotty telephone call while he was ensconced somewhere in the Andamans, so it would appear that he has skin to spare.  I’m not sure what he is doing there but he apparently has found some nirvana proxy and as such is leaving Delhi for good – this might be the last chance you get to see him for a while.  Shantam gets in on May 30, the day before this session, after which he will decide how many patch cables he has at his disposal for his small modular analog set up and he’ll rinse something.  The rest he will leave to whimsy, and then he’ll move to the Andamans forever.  There’s an island there populated entirely by asses.  Donkey heaven.  I really have no idea.