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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Sharareh Bajracharya


Sharareh Bajracharya is a Kathmandu-based arts educator who believes in the power of the arts to make the earth tremble, loosen up, for change, change that begins with expressing and listening. She is one of the founders of Srijanalaya, a nonprofit organisation in Nepal, which creates safe spaces of learning through the arts. She was a CISA 2018 Fellow at KHOJ. Her curatorial endeavour is to open up questions that have been silenced and to unlearn different forms of indoctrination. Sharareh completed her BFA in Painting and Art Education from the Kathmandu University Centre for Art and Design, her Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Development from Tufts University, and her Master’s in Education, Culture, and Society from the University of Pennsylvania.