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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Siddhant Shah



Siddhant Shah is a heritage architect and accessibility consultant who has been instrumental in bridging the gap between cultural heritage and disability in India through the initiative, Access for All. His journey to translate innovation into productivity fuses with a mindful mission that preserves human dignity. Shah, a Stavros Niarchos Scholar with an MA in Heritage Management from the University of Kent and a Post graduate Diploma in Indian Aesthetics, along with a Bachelor’s in Architecture, has been working relentlessly for the cause over the past few years.


Access for All aims at pushing the boundaries of physical, intellectual and social access through innovative, indigenous design and advocacy while fostering an inclusive experiential culture. The team focusses on access audits, interpretation and educational activities, inclusive outreach programs, sensitisation and awareness program, Braille-tactile kits, Braille books, and CSR-based engagement programs. The initiative works in collaboration with museums such as the National Museum, historical sites (Jantar Mantar, City Palace Jaipur, etc.), monuments, foundations, art galleries (DAG Modern), private art collectors, art fairs, and other cultural organisations.