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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Sohorpem Kazingmei

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First at Khoj


Sohorpem Kazingmei a researcher and writer based in New Delhi, has recently finished doing her Masters in Arts and Aesthetics at JNU. Her research framework has mostly been influenced by readings on phenomenology, media theory, and contemporary western pop cultural discourse. She has always been critical of inhabiting various forms of marginality in India. As an individual hailing from the Tangkhul tribe in Manipur, she believed that there is an engendering of a number of challenges, to try to exist within spaces located in the center that is Delhi, and within specific institutions.

Sohorpem Kazingmei was the Critic-in-residence for Peers 2022 where she wrote multiple blog posts on the residency locating its context and her interactions with the resident artists.