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Souvik Mukherjee

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Souvik Mukherjee is currently employed as Assistant Professor of English Literature at Presidency University (earlier Presidency College), Calcutta. Souvik has been researching videogames as an emerging storytelling medium since 2002 and completed his PhD on the subject from Nottingham Trent University in 2009. Souvik has done his postdoctoral research in the School of Film, Journalism and Media of De Montfort University, UK and as a research associate at the Indian Institute of Technology in New Delhi, India where he worked on digital media as well as narrative analysis.
His research examines their relationship to canonical ideas of narrative and also how these games inform and challenge current conceptions of technicity, identity and culture, in general. His current interests involve the analysis of paratexts of videogames such as walkthroughs and afteraction reports as well as the concept of time and telos in videogames. He has published and presented in academic journals and conferences on a range of topics in Game Studies as well as on Renaissance and Romantic Literature.
More details about his research, publications and thoughts on the subject can be found on his blog ‘Ludus ex Machina’. His favorite videogame genre is RTS (realtime strategy) and he has clocked over 1000 hours on Empire: Total War. Assassin’s Creed, CoD 4 and the STALKER series also rank high among his top ten videogames.