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Kaldi Moss (Sultana Zana)

Sultana Zana


Kaldi Moss (Sultana Zana) (they/them) is an eco-sexual artist whose practice spans sound, film and browser based art. They are interested in sense perception, time, networked systems, insect perception, tree intelligence and experience of beings that are not human.

They were invited to the Hertz Lab, ZKM as an artist-in-residence and created a spatial sound concert at the KUBUS, ZKM in the city of Karlsruhe, Germany in March 2022. Their audio-platform Fieldness V.2 was invited to be part of the show Disturbing the Balance presented at BASE, Milan in September 2022. The online exhibition is running on

The first version of Fieldness, the ecological network and database platform, Fieldness (2020- present) was a recipient of a grant from Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan under framework of Five Million Incidents, 2019-2020.

Moss has co-founded the collective NOTAAT with artist Puneet Jain, who is currently pursuing a PhD in Art and Culture from Concordia University and Hexagram. NOTAAT’s work titled Creation of Birds was exhibited at the ELO (Electronic Literature Organization) conference 2021.

Moss was invited for a residency in Bir, Himachal Pradesh where they made ‘The Earth Lab’ project investigating tree intelligence by using mathematical matrices. The video work produced during the residency was shown at Inter/access in Toronto. Moss’s video and installation work has been shown in multiple exhibitions in Dresden, Brighton, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Himachal and Goa.

Moss is part of the team running Walkin Studios, an independent multidisciplinary art studio and project space in Bangalore, India.