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Takahiro Noguchi

Takahiro Noguchi
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Takahiro (Tak) Noguchi is the Creative Technology Director at the Oakland Institute. Tak is responsible for the overall strategic development and implementation of digital media at the Institute. He oversees the content strategy, organization, and development of digital projects. As both a developer and content creator, his role is to leverage the web and other technologies to amplify the Oakland Institute’s work.

After receiving a MFA in interdisciplinary fine arts from Carnegie Mellon University, Tak was a recipient of a 2004-05 Fulbright Fellowship to India, and was based until 2010 in New Delhi. During this time he managed communications for a family foundation that focused on promoting social entrepreneurship and mitigating the impacts of climate change in India through strategic philanthropy. His other emphasis was on cultural heritage research, preservation, and management initiatives while working on projects for Cultural Resource Conservation Initiative, UNDP, UNESCO, Archaeological Survey of India and the Government of Punjab. Since returning from India, his work has focused on helping social enterprises and nonprofits use web based technologies to effect social change.

In another life, Tak was an artist whose work focused on collaborative, community art projects using old and new technologies to reach unconventional audiences. Running his own pirate radio station simultaneously from both sides of the US/Mexico border, he broadcast interviews of children from each country. In Delhi, he founded a DIY, home-based gallery to provide a refugee Iraqi artist his first solo exhibit in India, and worked with local contemporary artists to broadcast videos made collaboratively with residents through a neighborhood slum’s cable TV operator. He has curated shows, organized projects, and exhibited in the United States, India, Canada, and Germany.