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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Tulika Aasma

First at Khoj


Tulika Aasma is a Delhi-based artist working with new media. She is interested in moments that disturb belief systems, and how apparatuses of control operate in such encounters experienced in everyday life. Her practice locates technological infrastructures as sites to unpack the ways in which power embodies, affects, and moves narrative making processes. It is through a form of prodding narratives that circulate on social networks and mass media that she attempts to draw out experiences of ideological disorientation and slips. Her recent work explores the relationship between language and communication, and looks at the ways in which computational systems interpret language and participate in processes of social interaction and conditions of knowledge production.

She was recently a fellow at the Home Workspace Program 2019-2020, Ashkal Alwan, Lebanon. Her work has appeared in Abr Circle and Restricted Fixations publication; the Undivided Mind III – Art + Science programme, KHOJ International Artists’ Association; HH Art Spaces, Goa; and InOctober School, International Network for Contemporary Public Art. She has been a recipient of the Inlaks Fine Arts Award and the Art Jameel Research and Practice Platform grant.