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Food can be expressed as a medium that constantly connects the time, space and emotions of a world that one grew up in to that in which one will grow old. In a manner that is both tangible and intangible, it links the present to the past and transcends into the future. The proposed piece is a space constructed to encapsulate the notions of what constitutes a meal and the act of feeding our bodies and souls, positioned in a time and place that is not completely defined. It could be the present day or the future, or the present future that could be elucidated as the future of the present state.

The form of the space and interactions externalizes the prisons which our bodies are born into, that define our choices and addictions in terms of what we consume, and which are further exploited by the corporations. The social and cultural fabric of a meal is artificially constructed to highlight the isolation – body with respect to the internal processing of what we consume. In addition, the setting conveys a false sense of comfort using familiarity as a means to evoke nostalgia and trigger the ‘taste’ of memories- a strategy that most advertising and corporations play upon. The aesthetics of the meal and its claims of being ‘healthy’ and ‘fresh’ are exaggerated, in a near surreal manner, to create a world of the ‘make-believe’, a world that we believe to be the real in the moment.

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