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In and out of the Heartscape

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Aishwarya makes her concepts revolve around everything she experiences in her day today life.
People, places, emotions, actions, expressions and what not. All the three works she is presenting
at the residency focuses on her reflections on life. She draws the attention of the viewer in to
personal landscapes of her heart and body movements. She presents it in multiple modes. In and
out of the Heartscape talks about the stress one undergoes within oneself. As I look more deeper
in to her there are two things that comes to my mind. One, the material the artist is using and
how relevant it is to the nature of the art work. Since her work heartscape is all about the organic
landscape and emotions the use of steel welding and electric wires does sound little strange to the
nature of the project. Instead if she had used materials like cloth and natural fibres (say Banana
papers, yarn, wooden infra structures,etc) it might have given a different sensibility to it.
Secondly, she may need to bestow more of her attention on is the specificity. Call it thought
process or human emotions the artist tends to homogenize the expressions. While I think it would
gather more meaning by acknowledging the multiplicity in class and gender.