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Knock Knock

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I often find myself using humour to comment on something that could be challenging to address otherwise. After strategies and reasons having been theorized, lets see humour play out in contemporary creation.

Collaborators for this project reflect on their personal encounters through this lens and share their experiences. The curatorial theme blends with the spatial design and thus plays an important role in communication. The composition and environment of the space enables an informal interaction between the artworks and the viewer.

Allow yourself to momentarily escape from the gallery space and interact with works. Knock Know lets one break away from the performance of the viewer, to sit back and have a laugh.


Jishnav Iyer, The Worst Conversationalist

Sijya Gupta, Barbie Portraits

Urvi Vora, SKUM, Reactions to SKUM

Vineet Vohra, Hashtag

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