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Night Work

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Originally from Boston, living and working in Kuala Lumpur, Langenbach “performs theory,” focusing on cognitive phenomena & propaganda. The “performance” saw Langenbach sitting at a desk and reading out texts dealing with Socratic philosophy from a computer before him.

During the performance, a couple of people from the audience began to get distracted, one even telling Langenbach, in Hindi, that his performance did not make any sense and wondered why the audience was even sitting listening to him. Langenbach continued reading, even as most of the audience squirmed uncomfortably in their seats. The performance came to an abrupt end with Langenbach walking away. One of the members of the audience climbed on to his desk and conducted a brief puppet performance. As the credits were projected on the screen, it was understood that Langenbach’s performance included five other ‘peformers’; the disruptions were a part of the work.

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