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Pixelated Elephants

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How would a world informed by the machine ecosystem respond to agency, inherent biases, nuances of integrity and trust etc? Subjective perceptions of the “fact”, and innumerable vantage points of perception, amount to hyper-democratisation of information sources, devices, services and other tools. 

Pixelated Elephants is a collection of periscopic views of the possible world and imagined artefacts negotiating the identities associated with journalism. As in the parable of the blind men and the elephant , a4.achaar (duo Dhruv Saxena and Praveen Sinha) mapped the pieces of this metaphorical elephant through participative discourses over the last few months. Speculating with the collected signals from those dialogues, they present the narratives from an alternative future world of journalism, content creation, consumption and dissipation, through material artefacts, augmented reality and video evidence.

*This page is available as a downloadable accessibility document.

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