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Point 33, Flux

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“All in flux again. I pack and move. I look around and amid the uncertainty my eyes come to a rest on faint traces. The shadowy outlines left by furniture and images that were here just a moment ago, slowly start to dissolve. Empty yet filled they gaze back – accentuating the positive and negative, and the cloistered space in-between. Adapting to a new place means memorizing yet another map. The boxes are not all unpacked, perhaps they never will be. Limitations make things possible, four walls of a small room, a pool of light, fragile frames that my grandmother had sewn from cherished bits of cloth to adorn the sacred, and a gift of rock salt for luck in the new home.”

Varsha Nair has done a series of works relating to point 33. Taking the 32 points of a compass that point outward and in different directions, she presents point 33 as pointing in the direction within us.

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