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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Shaahkar makes speakers and by way of fixing his laser reflectors on top of it they get to vibrate.
An array of varying images arises from these lazer beams that resonate out of the music created.
Shaahkar’s attempt is quiet innovative and distinct. The composition of objects with which he
produces this music like empty beer bottles, water cans and scrap metal is quiet mind blowing.
He uses electrodes from mobile parts, kiddy toys and electronic waste materials. There are
several questions that comes to ones mind and they will be answered only at the end seeing the
display. What kind of the image these machines are going to produce? Can we call it an art
work? How do we look in to the whole process of experimentation? Certainly it can fall under
the classification of performance art that springs out of multi-disciplinary avenues.