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Silence. Negotiation is on.

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In 1989, the Washington Consensus officially got endorsed, with its ten commandments of neoliberal economy, that prescribed ‘trickle-down’ well-being for the  world’s poor populations through economic globalisation. 

In 1989, the Berlin Wall also fell, making new resources and markets available. The subsequent mayhem of  production and consumption put a deep scar on environmental well-being. 

As a response, United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) took place in Rio  in 1992, the first attempt at globalisation of environment, and the search for a solution for climate change. Since then we have witnessed 26 conference parties,  sweetly called Climate CoPs, in various cities of the world,  each failing miserably to tackle the problem. The failure can be squarely attributed to the religion-like belief  in dominant economic doctrine where market decides  everything. While super smart negotiators of various  countries fool each other with smart assumptions and  convoluted business plans stalling any real progress, an- other ton of additional emission remains exactly another  extra ton for the atmosphere. Atmosphere does not respond to public relations or glib talks. As a result, average  temperatures are rising, and we are witnessing the worst  kind of extreme weather episodes all over the world. The capitalist economic doctrine has become so fundamentalist that climate activists questioning economic principles are branded as a security threat in many countries! COP 27 will take place in Sharmel-Sheikh, Egypt, in 2022. Keep silent. Negotiation is on. See you in Egypt.


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