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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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A talk-piece contemplating ecology and food politics.

The reflections will centre around what we mean by food and what food means to us, and questioning our notions of nature as the pretty, sublime stuff minus the urban sprawl. Rather than romanticize it as something outside of us and admire it from afar, the talk proposes that it’s time to do without this idea of nature in order to re-think it.

Ecology is us. We are in it and made of it. The talk then is an exploration of the philosophical, political and aesthetic implications of all life forms being interconnected. The intention is to contemplate what symbiotic co-existence means to us, on the blurring of the boundaries between environment and organism. To explore new terms of engagement, new social and aesthetic practices of the self in relation to the other, to the foreign – an environment in the process of being reinvented.

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