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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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In 2002, the KHOJ International Workshop was held in Mysuru, recognised as the cultural capital of South India. The shift to the south was more than one of location; after the successful completion of the KHOJ International Workshop held in 2001, a process of introspection followed at the end of which the working group felt that despite the organisational and logistical comfort level that had been reached in Delhi, it was time to re-envision the International Workshop and give it a fresh impetus. Far from being a closed coterie of artists, KHOJ has sustained itself over the years largely because it has continually brought new artists on board, with a fresh energy and commitment to its unwavering mission to promote and expand experimental art practices across India.

In 2003 the seventh KHOJ International Workshop was held in Bengaluru at the Venkatappa Art Gallery. By bringing together both local and international artists, the workshop aimed to formulate interesting conversations and dialogues between artists located all across the globe, whilst enabling stronger public visibility for participating artists and organisations. This collaborative project between artists has not only helped bridge the palpable gap between the North and South in India, but has also given an impetus to a huge group of very energetic and enthusiastic artists in Bangalore.