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Now I am in Satapada. It is the most fantastic destination, which is located in the eastern shore of Chilika. The distance from Satapada to the Chilika-mouth, where it is connecting with sea is 8km. One of the main attraction of Satapada is Irrawaddy dolphin. From Satapada you can go to Jahnikuda, Parikud and Maluda (island villages in Chilika). However, here in Satapada I interacted with different fishermen of Allupada village, they contributed lot of things regarding Chilika and described how their income is gradually decreasing day-by-day. This discussion took a new mode when I spoke to their Pradhan. He was sharing his childhood experience in Chilika and various facts over the present condition. I asked him about the causes for which the lake’s eco-system is gradually degrading. According to him opening of new mouth by CDA in a wrong place affected Chilika’s bio-diversity. He told that, a specific type of grass was growing in Chilika which was supporting various fishes to grow-up, but now these are ruined out by the increase in saltness of Chilika water. In the whole costal patch of Chilika, cutting of forest by some people is increasing day-by-day which is affecting the lagoon environment. Years after years the soil erosion was widening Chilika-mouth. So the Chilika water is becoming more and more salty. He said a small but important thing that Chilika is as it is in size but dependency of people over it significantly growing, like behold of non-fishermen over Chilika, which is affecting the income of traditional fishermen.