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To old burn pine,



‘‘I’m a dead artist and that was my performance’’

This is my second letter to you, now I am more engaged and relaxed. Almost fortnight passed, I am here with you. Less traffic less ‘shor’ but still I don’t know why day by day I became very slow within work to work, somehow I loose my multitasking practice….may be cause of your strong presence, o nature !

These days two common entity influence me a lot, one is solid mass and another is anti-gravity, this two natural body helps me to find out and sort out to prepare my work, it’s complex idea of existence, I know you are here with me and within still I ask every single time where are you dear? How are you dear??  Day after day this two element became very important tool of my work.

I am coming here with two simple ideas, one is poetry series based on burned pine body and another is a ‘searching nature’,

Here want to share the idea about the first one; this is basically a series of poetry, which I want to use as site-specific installation material in a performative mode. I saw there is giant pine forest place in here, which burned every single year by natural fire, and it is massive. My poetry is about the “the silent pain”, they never utter any word or sound, no screaming but still I feel there is so many post burn unspoken words here and there. They stand-alone from last hundreds of years (may be after the sundown they walking inside the forest, share the feelings each other through the tiny little hole which they have built inside their past memory)

Other than this, I try to initiate few performance motive as a searching element of the idea of ‘nature’. In generally, in any of my work two elements is very crucial for me, one is searching within and another is amnesia.

In here I search the idea of nature from my old memory, it is really very difficult to understand the position and essence of that word ‘nature’, I don’t know whether is it some physical object or it’s fully conceptual or is it some kind of database, all we have to know which element put which place ………..I am enjoying the dilemma and duality……

So using that experience I develop few work in here that is all about my performance is.

O dear, its a long story for now so I prefer stop writing just for little while & I will be with you very soon,

Love & Solidarity,

With regards.