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To old burn pine,




‘‘No matter how big, how small or tiny, they can feel, they can taste they even can understand how intimate you are;

So far from my nest, thousands feet up, just because of my ‘curiosity’….

Throughout my journey a questions is always there with me  … it is inside, it is some where there, it itself counters me thousands of time …may be it is a questions or may be it is just a thought, a thought comes out from paradox inside my mind …o there is a leakage„„ or may be that was my another thought ….

It is a story about an old night…I got a clue (‘other say this is nothing„„just a trauma…. Few say they came to me, with code of secret answer ’) …this clue is actually a question for me„,”where I am & where is my nature…” …

O dear this is the ancient word “nature”. Better I prefer to say “n.a.t.u.r.e” is just an idea a conceptual dilemma„,

Last few days I am here, some where near ‘BANGLOW KI KANDI’..i am here recall the memory again…the memory I forget, the memory of the idea of nature, my amnesia ….


Though my discipline is printmaking and image design..but last few years I am engaging myself with performance art practice ..i am here to intervene the space and try to solve  my unsolved puzzle of the idea of curiosity …..

I have a plan to initiate small durational few performance along with my co-artist , I prefer to call my series ’NATURE’,

I have already initiate two performance, which is regarding the concept of nature and the duality of nature and natural„„

So away from urban noise , day by day I’m loosing my urban dust, here I am try to be a part them and I hope coming few days I am become one of them„,

Love & Solidarity,

With regards.