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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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We all had arrived at the village on a cloudy pleasant morning of eleventh June. The village is marked by an entrance gate which says Paradsinga Village Welcomes you’. These words that we read right at the entrance continue their charm while we move towards the mid of the residency. The faces around us are as fresh warm and welcoming as they were on the first day. The warmth that every artist is receiving will live long even after the residency is over.

Throughout the village wherever you sit,there is one thing common that can be found almost everywhere, at the village bazaar chauk, on extended porticos of any houses, near the village temple, around the Gram Residency house, under random trees, near the village stream  where ever you sit the people passing by address you with affection.

The women wear gentle smiles on their face, while the men smile at you like they have known you for years and little children surround you like you are their lost and found friend. Everytime that you talk to any woman the conversations begin and end with an ever open invite to their homes. All the artists feel fortunate to experience this grace of warm welcome. During evenings when we stroll around the village women standing at threshold of the houses pass smiles. The men come to take information on the residency program and are inquisitive team of the artists is here. And children collect at Gram in mornings and evenings to participate in the activities which enliven the residency and make the artist endeavors possible.