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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Tannu lives in Paradsinga village. She is 9 years old & since her birth i.e almost 3,285 days she never owned any toilet. Each day she has to search a new place to defecate under open sky in any season, she needs to wait hours and hours for night or early morning when no eyes can scan her.

She cannot imagine how the commode looks like. Talking to her about her dream toilet, she asked “Didi naal to honga na? “  (“Will there be any water tap?”). Asking her to draw her dream toilet she erected walls, doors and placed a prominent tap in her drawing paper… She don’t  have any tap in her house, and having a tap for her is a big fantasy, each day she needs to carry water for drinking & for house hold work from some or other place.