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The idea of making a Wall Magazine with the people of Paradsingha was a project that Srishti Shreyam carried out with lots of enthusiasm and great efficiency. When Srishti’s project was discussed during the daily evening meetings we all thought a wall magazine could be the best project that could be carried out here at Paradsinga, as it would not only help channelize the creative energy of the local people, it would also bring the little, young and old writers, poets and painters together for a collective venture; for which, we are hopeful, they would meet regularly. This would also help in bridging the generation gap where the young could lead the little ones while they would work under the guidance of the older ones.

Although initially Srishti had slight apprehension about the regular functioning of this Wall Magazine, whether it would be the right thing to do at Paradsinga village; for, without continuity, the objective of starting a wall magazine would never make sense.

Sidelining the apprehensions, she began the project with great zeal. Her uncertainties faded away after meeting the people in the village who she called ‘super-enthusiastic’ about the project. Some of the youths Navkesh, Vednath, Adarsh, Dhanashree and a few elders like Dr. Chauhan, Mrs. Saavle & Govind ji came to support the project. And that is when she developed confidence that a wall magazine would really be a fruitful product for the village.

And then finally ‘Jaam-Kaanhaan’-a monthly wall-magazine was started. The name was coined after Jaam & Kaanhaan two rivers of the region. Metaphorically this name suggests the coming together of ever flowing creativity of different people in Paradsinga.

The Wall Magazine was designed to cherish the oneness within the community and to celebrate a team spirit that would keep them together. It is for this that from the local people an editorial board for ‘Jaam Kaanhaan’ was appointed by Srishti where Navkesh was made the editor of the introductory issue. When asked about the sustainability of such a project in the village Srishti explained the future functioning of the magazine, where Dhanashree, one of the very bright girls appointed as one of the assistant editors, would become the editor in the next issue of the magazine. Following her were other youths Samiksha, Parth, Vednath and Adarsh who were more than eager to carry the tradition further the members. Srishti chose Dr. Chauhan and a renowned writer from Paradsinga Mr. Govind Tekade to guide and supervise the project.

After making a team, which itself was like half battle won, she and her team began collecting collect raw materials i.e. write-ups for the magazine. She organized a two-day workshop on poetry writing with the interested kids/ youngsters. From the workshop, we managed to get eleven poems out of which Srishti selected three to publish in the 1st issue of the magazine. Then she and her team approached different people for short stories and articles.

The introductory issue of ‘Jaam-Kaanhaan’ is dedicated to Sanitation. This was pre decided as the focus of this Gram Residency was ‘Eco Sani Irri’. Srishti insisted the writers to write particularly on this subject. Dhanashree, Vednath, Adarsh & Parth took initiative in collecting the articles as well as buying the materials needed.

The Wall Magazine ‘Jaam-Kaanhaan’ received interesting articles embedded with social concern. The articles written by Dr. Chauhan, Saavle Ma’am & Govind ji were like voices of local people for the their people. Other than such serious agendas the Wall Magazine ‘Jaam-Kaanhaan’ also included quiz, jokes, riddles, paintings etc.

The response to the Wall Magazine project was overwhelming. Much more than Srishti expected. To her and everyone else’s surprise the number of write ups received were so many that the Wall Magazine in it’s very first issue faced lack of space to include them all. And due to this lack of space she and her team had to select the matter that was to be published in the 1st issue. Along with the editorial, we picked up three articles of Dr. Chauhan which was on issues of Sanitation in rural area, Mrs. Saavle’s  on Power of women & women empowerment and Govind Tekade short essay on  history of Paradsinga. The first issue also published three poems of young poets; two short stories, a collection of quiz & two colorful paintings. For ‘Jaam-Kaanhaan’ calligraphy was done by Samudra, Samiksha and Srishti herself. Srishti along with Jinal another artist in the residency from Ahmedabad did the lay out, collage and sketches. The team completed the Wall Magazine and released it open for reading on the 18th June, 2014. This was put at the market place.

Srishti says ‘Post Paradsinga project, I am in touch with Navkesh and other youngsters of the village. They regularly update their plan & progress of work. Most of them are higher secondary students & are back to studies after summer vacation. But as Navakesh assures, they are going to publish the next issue of ‘Jaam-Kaanhaan’ on time. Fingers crossed!’

Komal pande