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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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KHOJ International Artists Association in collaboration with Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai hosted the first group show by artists based in South India at the KHOJ Studios.

Generally speaking artworks are created outside of the gallery confines and are then installed in a gallery space. The Khoj workshops offer an alternative way of working where they explore work spaces in contexts that are site specific as well as studio based. Opening the studios to practitioners as alternative spaces to explore, to question and exhibit, Khoj in collaboration with Sakshi Gallery hosted this exhibition of artist’s from the South of India.

The contextual intention of the show was open ended and the sensibilities of the work was diverse; aside from Prashant Soni all the artists had been through the Khoj workshops and it was particularly interesting to see the expanding visual vocabularies clearly engaging with exhibition spaces, modes or process and representation.

L.N. Tallur and A. Balasubramanium mocked the premises by installing objects that were a witty, tongue-in-cheek commentary on our desire to experience the art object as one that promises the hope of demystifying the layering of the high art aesthetic experience. Surekha’s collaborative video installation explored the intimate act of sewing together shared stories to make the space about the space, communicating a personal moment to the public gaze and Ranjani derived her S-shaped wax-thread sculpture-installation from diverse sources such as music, rosary beads and the abacus.

The Participating artists:
Tallur L.N.
Prashant Soni
Ranjani Shettar