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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Film screenings: Daaravtha & Nawa

Artist-talk and Discussions

Discussants and presenters: Aryakrishnan Ramakrishnan, Nishant Roy Bombarde, Saptarshi Mandal, and Santa Khurai from India along with Swiss photographer Laurence Rasti.

Beyond the din of the mainstream narrative around the repeal of Section 377 and other NGO-initiated concerns, the question of larger support systems for people with non-normative sexualities and genders is of crucial importance. Through a film like Daaravtha which explores this at the intimate level of a mother and son, or through the photographic works of Laurence Rasti who documents the lives of homosexuals from Iran in precarious and suspended life situations, we aimed to discuss the broader social landscape and how it enables or discourages life’s varied expressions. As Saptarshi Mandal said of Laurence’s photos: “They speak a lot about family, support, loneliness, the State, and so on.”

Santa Khurai’s film Nawa of which we saw some snippets as it was still in the making, brought forth another such context of the nurturing a society can provide.

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