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Atefeh Khas

Atefeh Khas CISA 2023
First at Khoj
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Atefeh Khas is an environmental artist, curator and art director lives in Tehran, Iran. She employs video, photography, sculpture, and performance in her site-specific installations to address environmental and social issues. She received her MA in Art Research from Alzahra University, 2014, and BFA in Painting from Shahed University in Tehran, in 2010. 

She has received several residencies and awards such as the Environmental Art Residency Program in South Korea in 2012, Global Nomadic Art Project in Iran, Germany, France and Turkey in 2016 and 2017, Almaken 2nd International Contemporary Art Festival in Tunisia in 2016, Kooshk Residency and La Friche la Belle de Mai in 2019.

She was the art director and curator in different festivals and exhibitions such as “Environmental Art Festival in Abr Forest” in 2014, “video Persia” exhibition in South Korea in 2013, “WaterWheel” online exhibition in 2016 and “Emotional Numbness: The impact of war on the human psyche and ecosystems” _ Organizers: WEAD, in collaborative with Minoosh Zomorrodinia

She has been participated in more than thirty Environmental Art Festivals in Iran and she has exhibited her works internationally such as: “Focus Iran: Contemporary Photography and Video at the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles”, “Kathmandu International Art Festival in Nepal” and more in: Canada, United State, Belgium, Romania, South Korea, France, Germany, Greece, Bulgaria, Hungry, Tunisia, Poland, Sri-Lanka, Turkey, Nepal, India and Netherlands. 

Her artwork and articles have been featured in publications that include Contemporary Art Magazine Honaragah, “The Middle East in London” Magazine, poster of (SOAS) Centenary Conference University of London, “Yatoo-i Environmental Art Calendar” in 2015,

She had two workshops about environmental art in 2014 at: Tehran University, Faculty of Art and the 5th Annual Contemporary Art Persbook with Open 5 Group. 

She was the art director of Visual Art Department in Rooberoo Mansion in Tehran from December 2016 to March 2018 and also, art director of 3 Platform in Tehran from January 2020 to January 2021.