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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Two documentary films were screened in the CISA 2023 general program by Iranian filmmakers. The first movie titled “Zainab’s style” is made by Payam Rafiee. The second film is also made by Sepideh Abtahi with the title “Five Pieces of Iranian Dishes”.

About “Zainab’s style“:

This film is an attempt to represent the relationship between “work for food and food as work”. With an observation-oriented approach, the filmmaker presents a narrative of the workplace, restaurant and store “Shiveh” in a village in the north of Iran. Rafiee deals with the interaction of “Zainab”, the owner of the collection, with her workers and customers. In this film, we witness their hard working days, how raw food is transformed into food by the hands and bodies of the workers and Zainab. Foods that are sold in the form of semi-prepared or ready-made packages or served in restaurants. 2 old Iranian desserts are also cooked, “Samano” and “Halva”. This film is a journey in the last 5 years of Zainab, her family and her workers, in the “Shiveh” store and restaurant.

  • Director: Payam Rafiee
  • Title: Zainab’s style
  • Medium: Documentary film
  • Year: 2023

About “Five Pieces of Iranian Dishes“:

With the documentary Five Pieces of Iranian Dishes Sepideh Abtahi takes us on a culinary journey through the Iranian society of the past century, through food. With five of the country’s most popular dishes in focus, archival material, personal interviews and visits to famous Iranian restaurants Abtahi tells us a story of a country in change. A story about amazing food, community and deeply rooted traditions but also about poverty, injustice and patriarchal structures. A story that could not be told in any other way.

  • Director: Sepideh Abtahi
  • Title: Five Pieces of Iranian Dishes 
  • Medium: Documentary film
  • Year: 2011

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