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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Deniz Gul

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“My artistic practice is dependent on its context. I define context here both as the `the given` and `the created`. I deal with the material’s conditions of existence in its meaning and its physical appearance. When working with an already established setting, I plan my interventions to first create distance and then shift perceptions.”
İstanbul based artist Deniz Gül uses photography, installation, video, text and sound to create interactive works of art. After receieving her BA in Visual Arts and Communication Design she has participated in various exhibitions, workshops, projects, and artist talks including KHOJ (India, 2005), Going Public (Italy, 2006), Sidewalkcinema (Austria, 2007). Her works have also been shown in group exhibitions in Turkey at venues such as Borusan Art, Aksanat and Gallery Nev. Her most recent works focus on creating environments which engage with the viewers behavior. She is also an editor for design and architecture magazine icon (TR) since March 2007, where she finds the oppurtunity to observe ties between design, architecture, urban life and art.