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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Ekaterina Kormilitsyna

Ekaterina Kormilitsyna


Ekaterina Kormilitsyna is an interdisciplinary researcher/philosopher and artist working with media,film, technology and socio-political research. Her work focuses on network structures; geo-mythologies and worldbuilding in relation to materials, politics, aesthetics and ethics in topics of technology and biology.

Ekaterina acquired her Bachelor in Film Studies at Queen Mary, University of London (UK) and a Masters in Research from Cardiff Metropolitan University (UK) and is continuing her education at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (AT)2020: She was a visiting researcher at the TransTech. research group at Plymouth University (UK). 2022/23: She is an artist and researcher in residence at the BioClub Tokyo, as well as a visiting researcher with the “PRIINT” research group at Tokyo University of Arts and also part of the 2023 cohort of the Fabacademy