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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Himani Gupta

Himani Gupta
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Himani Gupta (b. 1985) is a London based visual artist. She works in painting, drawing and mixed media. Her studio practice is informed by physical spaces such as land and cities, and also by dreams, bodies and nature.  She is interested in matters relating to identity, psychology and space, urban ecologies and fantastical places – which she explores through rigorous drawing from observation and imagination, sound, mapping and mark making, and making large scale paintings. 

Her work often sits between abstraction and figurative, transitioning between mediums and methods, as she continues to explore the spaces between forms and experiences – which is a key part of her process.  Her varied professional backgrounds in urban advisory and spatial design often feeds into her research.

The socially engaged side of her practice explores questions around pain, bodies, right to the city and urban ecologies. She has been involved with several workshops and projects in the fields of medical humanities, public health and border studies.