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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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The Khirkee-walk-draw map workshop at Khoj with Himani Gupta and alumni artists of the Royal Drawing College was a collaborative session with the children of the community to create a map based on their reflections of Khirkee. For the same, Khoj reached out to Sweccha and the Simurgh Center to mobilise the community.

The workshop began with a small introductory session which foregrounded the flow of the workshop and its thematics – urbanisms, memories, map-making, and imprints. This was followed by a walk around the neighbourhood led by the participants. As the group walked to the Jamun Wala Park, Khirki Masjid, and Satpula they focused on the sensorial elements like smells, sounds, textures, weather etc. and translated them into drawings in their sketchbooks.

After the walk, the participants gathered at Khoj and did a quick drawing exercise where they made portraits of their partners, mixing in the elements that stood out the most to them during their walk.

At the end, the group sat together in the Khoj Canteen for a reflection sharing session over lemonade and samosas.

Participants: Anish Chettri, Ashish Kumar Shah, Deendayal, Jyoti, Laila Ghezal Azimi, Lutan Kumari, Maryam Kakar, Marzia Kakar, Mohammad Mahdi Rahimi, Mohammad Zaman Sirat, Mohini, Mursal Barati, Najrul Islam, Ravi Thakur, Rishabh Kumar, Seema Parveen, Simran, Sofia Kakar, Sumayla, Vanshika

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