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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Julian Abraham

Julian “Togar” Abraham
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Muhammad Hidayat a.k.a Julian “Togar” Abraham is a media artist, musician, programmer, scientist- wannabe and social researcher. Words like manipulating, decomposing, degenerating and dematerializing are often used to identify his work. Connecting one thing to another, expressed in complex algorithm, offered him the experience of how art, environment, science and technology relate to one another – providing new tools to educate and engage both him and the society into a wiser, richer and more independent living, being in a world of creation and annihilation. From 2006 till 2011, he was deeply involved with HONF, The House Of Natural Fiber, a media artist collective based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He produced and organized numerous events such us: Festivals, Workshops, Exhibitions, Performances, and Concerts. One project that he initiated, won the last edition of transmediale award, Berlin, Germany.