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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Justin Ponmany

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JUSTIN PONMANY Born in 1974, in Kerala India, Justin did his B.F.A in painting from Sir J.J. School of Art. Justin’s ambition is that of a hacker who breaks into a code that sets up our reality and hence his work is spurred on by any sudden moment of truth when everything around (every façade) collapses and only the threadbare nakedness of the weaving remains. The domain he deals with ranges from the material ‘plastic’ to a state of mind that is unfortunately plastic; what he would like to term as ‘Plastic Memory’. Justin draws his influences from this city whose landscape is constantly under construction. His work also finds personal mentions of love, longing, loss etc. His intention is to explore the human correlation between plasticization and the persistence of salt, seeking to undermine the virus, the salt within our bodies must withstand. Justin promptly states “ I’m not going back to painting; rather I’m interested in taking painting ahead”. Justin has had several shows in India and abroad. ‘Awardees’ Bose Pacia Gallery, New York, ‘Highlights’ Sakshi Gallery, Mumbai, ‘Crosscurrents’ Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, ‘Debt’ The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai, to name a few. His awards list includes; In 1997 – 98 fellowship at Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai, In 2000 West railway centenary Prize at NGMA, Mumbai, and in the year 2003 he was the 1st Runners up at the 4th Biennial Bose Pacia Prize for Contemporary Art.