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M.J. Enas

M J Enas
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M J Enas was initially trained as a Jesuit priest before receiving his degrees as a sculptor from the Fine Arts College in Thiruvananthapuram and the College of Fine Art in New Delhi. His training as a priest influences the forms he portrays in his sculptures. Enas mentions that shamanism, the occult, the sixth sense, and other mystical elements have influenced his understanding of the spiritual world. Thus his sculptures appear to be engaged in an internal spiritual dialogue.

His visit to the Berllanderi Sculpture Studio in Wales, UK, through the Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship, helped him to refine his methods and focus his dreams. Enas works primarily in bronze, but sometimes uses fibreglass to apply colours and make his sculptures light enough to be hung. His Christian upbringing also influences the material that he uses, such as gold leaf — traditionally used to signify divinity – to emphasize certain parts of the body, while creating a unique form of texture and style.

Enas’ works have been exhibited in Warburg, Berlin, Mumbai, Kottayam, and New Delhi, among others