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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Public Art Residency 2005

The Public Art International Residencies at KHOJ sought to transcend the sites of public art from being mere spatio-physical interventions to an extensions of the communities within which the projects were situated. The art installations produced during the residencies perceived space not merely as a physical measurement, but as a social, economic and political entity.


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Much of the public art that we knew then had its inception in site-specific projects. At this KHOJ residency we proposed a pursuance of public art where the site-specificity transcended from being a mere spatio-physical intervention to becoming an extension of the community within which the project was situated. It was important to acknowledge that space within the community was not merely a physical measurement, but a social, economic, and political entity; it derived its dynamism from the fact that most of these spaces were contested. These spaces become a means of expression for the community rather than just a means of transit.  The residency explores themes of dynamism and self-constitution within such spaces.


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