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Masood Hussain

Masood Hussain
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Masood Hussain is a Kashmiri visual artist and draughtsman. He is a prolific watercolorist and has fathomed the essence of Kashmiri life that had yet to receive creative attention. His inquisitive eye and immaculate brush carry us to a world which lies beneath the apparent romance of Kashmir photography, thus portraying the actual while transcending the real with sincere contemplation. The thought of Kashmir makes us imagine ourselves amidst lush green valleys, crystal clear lakes, gushing steams, snow capped mountains and every thing that paradise can offer. Seldom do we traverse the alleys which enrich the natural charisma of the environment. It is this part of Kashmir that Hussain evokes in his art. In the past, he was the HoD at the Department of Applied Arts, Institute of Music & Fine Arts, Srinagar. He completed a graduate diploma in Art Commercials from Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai.