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Navdeep Asija


Navdeep Asija is the founder of dial-a-cycle rickshaw concept known as Ecocabs and received the 2011 National Award of Excellence by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. Asija holds Ph.D. degree in road safety from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and is currently serving as Traffic Advisor to the Punjab Government. His largest impact is in the development of the Ecocab concept, which is a dial-a-cycle-rickshaw equivalent to normal cab services accomplished with gasoline-powered automobiles. The recent development of advanced IT tools and the spread of cell phones have made it possible to balance the supply and demand of passengers and rickshaw taxis via a distributed fleet and automation. Asija’s rickshaw program decreased greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the use of fossil fuels for transporting passengers, while at the same time reducing the startup costs for entrepreneurs performing taxi services.