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Aapki Sadak

Aapki Sadak was an urban design project led by architects, designers, artists and the local community. The project used pedestrianism as a means for developing a sense of common ground and equality within the economically diverse localities of South Delhi, especially the neighbouring areas surrounding Khirkee.

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Aapki Sadak was a consultative project of urban design founded by architects, designers, artists and the local community. This initiative explored multiple participatory pathways that would enable the use of pedestrianism as a creative methodology to develop a sense of common ground and equality within the economically diverse localities positioned between Malviya Nagar Metro and BRT in South Delhi.


Navdeep Asija is the founder of dial-a-cycle rickshaw concept known as Ecocabs and won the 2011 National Award of Excellence by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India. Mr. Asija is pursuing his PhD in Road Safety from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi and currently works for the Indian government as a consultant.

Asija’s largest impact is in the development of the Ecocab concept, which is a dial-a-cycle- rickshaw equivalent to regular cab services accomplished with gasoline-powered automobiles. The recent development of advanced IT tools and the spread of cell phones have made it possible to balance the supply and demand of passengers and rickshaw taxis via a distributed fleet and automation. Asija demonstrated the concept of Ecocabs first in Fazilka, a District headquarter of the Punjab State, which is located near India-Pakistan Border.

The rickshaw program reduced greenhouse gas emissions by reducing the use of fossil fuels for transporting passengers, while at the same time reducing the start-up costs for entrepreneurs performing taxi services.

Ashok B Lall studied architecture and fine arts at the University of Cambridge, UK and at the Architectural Association, London. He is a visiting professor at the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University (GGSIPU) and Chair for Design and Technology at the Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Instutute for Architecture (KRVIA) in Mumbai. Ashok B Lall Architects was established in 1981 and has won a number of awards in architectural competitions and specializes in low-energy sustainable architecture. Recent projects include the Sehgal Foundation, Gurgaon and the Development Alternatives World Headquarters, New Delhi. The firm is currently engaged in several initiatives for the improvement of public welfare in cities and innovative design for affordable housing. It was also awarded the City that Learns Award by the Futures Institute in the Living Cities design competition.


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