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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Khoj After School Shadow Explorations

Khoj is thrilled to introduce the dynamic Khoj After School program - a series of late afternoon and early evening events that will focus on reaching out to the youth of Khirkee through immersive sessions and interactive experiences.

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About this edition

Shadow Explorations is an immersive arts workshop for the children from the Khirkee community, with a focus on offering a rich tapestry of different art forms like shadow puppetry, drama, visual art, reading, & writing for them to play with. The workshop is designed as a structured playful exploration of different mediums to encourage self-expression and enrichment through art. These explorations will be mentored and presented as a sharing of different projects undertaken by the children. This will be followed by a final reflection and showcasing of a shadow puppetry skit that the participants will develop along with the facilitators during the workshop. The aim is to help participants delve deeper into their artistic journey and personal growth throughout the workshop period.

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