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Does The Blue Sky Lie?: Testimonies of Air’s Toxicities Cafe Classroom

“Does the Blue Sky Lie?: Testimonies of Air’s Toxicities,” is a 3 year project partially funded by The Prince Claus Fund, through which it is supporting art projects that engage with the idea of air and toxicity: its composition, movement, landscapes and scales of impact; paying special attention to its social connections.

About this edition

As an arts space, Khoj is constantly grappling with modes of knowledges across disciplines. Our curatorial approach strongly emphasises learning as praxis, accepting our role as trying to forge together new entry points into the thematics that interest us. Over the course of researching Does the Blue Sky Lie?, we realised the need to relearn what we know about the intersections of our lives with the natural world around us and the decisions, policies and ideologies that shape it. Cafe Classrooms, will be an ongoing activation of the Khoj Cafe as a discursive space for informal learning and relearning by bringing in speakers, experts and interlocutors speaking about the climate crisis, intersections of ecology, environment and economy. The series is curated by Pradip Saha, environmental communicator, journalist. He is also the Director of Damage Control, a communications agency in the sustainable development context.


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