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Nithin Shams

Nithin Shams


Nithin Shams’ artistic practice is centered around opening sonic portals to facilitate listeners to enter an open, empathetic, and attentive state of mind. Guided by intuitive processes, and practices of deep listening, Nithin composes and curates listening spaces aimed at blurring the boundaries between the self and the other, opening up a space for reflection as well as slowness.

Nithin is currently engaged in an artistic-research project where he is recording the call of the Azan as it reverberates through the cities, towns, and villages of India.

Nithin’s work has found homes in various platforms like Serendipity Arts Festival (Goa), Hyderabad Literature Festival, Ashoka University (Delhi), OtherPeople (NY), Radio Al Hara (Ramallah, Palestine), BoxoutFM(Delhi), BuchBasel (Switzerland). Since 2021, he has been curating an educational sonic art and electronic music residency, Free.wav, at Bhoomi Farms in Attapadi, Kerala.

Nithin will be joining the Masters in Sound Studies and Sonic Arts cohort at the University of Arts in Berlin in October 2023.