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Radical Housing and Socially-Engaged Art

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Deep Listening is a practice that helps us to break out of primarily visual ways of perceiving the world. It begins with the premise that vision as we know it, in most cases, sustains the polarisation between the subject and the object, the watcher and the watched. 

Listening opens a ‘portal’ that offers the possibility to allow these boundaries to be blurred. The blurring of boundaries is necessary to find ways in which we can relate with, empathize with, and engage with contemporary issues that require us to step beyond the individual into the collective realm – whether it is the boundaries between culture and nature, or self and other.

the listener becomes the listening and the listening becomes the sound

Kim Cascone

Through experiential listening exercises, sonic meditations, experimental cinema, and collective improvisations we will collectively unpack the hidden depths and nuances of sound, and reflect on ways in which listening informs the perception of space, self-hood, and its relationship with the ‘other’.

This workshop is open to all participants regardless of experience in music or art. 

Session 1 – Saturday, 8th July, 2023

Session 2 – Sunday, 9th July, 2023

Please note that you can sign up only for one session.

The workshop is ticketed at INR 1200 for each session.

Limited seats available. To reserve your seats, write to us at

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