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Sahej Bakshi


Sahej Bakshi, better known by the stage name Dualist Inquiry, is a musician, guitarist, record producer and electronic music composer, who is among a handful of Indian composers working in the EDM genre. In 2017, Bakshi was included in Forbes India‘s 30 Under 30 list. 


Sahej was born and raised in India, but spent five formative years studying, producing and playing music in Los Angeles, California. He started playing the guitar at the age of 10. Driven solely by a love for the instrument, he taught himself how to play by watching and emulating those around him, from older guitarist friends to legendary guitar gods on CD. At the age of 15, he accidentally came across his first production software on a bootleg CD, and was intensely awestruck and baffled by the world of music production. Over the next few years, he assimilated and taught himself the guitar further, while also experimenting with audio production software.


At the age of 18, Sahej moved to Los Angeles to study music production, audio engineering and composition at the Thornton School of Music, University of Southern California. Alongside his education as a producer at the Thornton School of Music, he spent his time in Los Angeles well. With a relentless thirst for intense musical experiences, he found himself witnessing first hand some of the greatest and most legendary rock and electronic live acts in musical history. From stadium-sized EDM raves and underground psychedelic parties to massive arena rock concerts and international music festivals, Sahej was constantly assimilating, learning, loving the music and being inspired.

Towards the end of his degree at Thornton Music School, it had become clear what music meant to Sahej and vice-versa. After learning from each sphere and genre in music, he has found a comfort zone in composition, where he allows the sounds in his head to take any shape, or fall into any tempo or genre, just so long as he infuses it with his signature production vibe and guitar sound.
Be it as a producer, symphonist, electronics nerd or guitar twanger, Dualist Inquiry is Sahej’s creative voice, and the place where he puts all his stray and random creative thoughts. With a 100% original and self-produced set featuring live guitars, live electronics and no two songs with the same tempo or mood, The Dualist Inquiry promises to be an intense, engaging and musically memorable experience for all those involved.


He released original music albums and toured extensively during his early days but, he gained widespread recognition only in 2013 after he released his full-length album Doppleganger that cemented his sound as one that is instantly recognisable and uniquely his.